Dominic Seda is a Swiss electronic music DJ and producer. At the age of 13, he became interested in spinning records and hip–hop music. The fact that you can spin one song in many different ways and make thousands of variations with it astonished him so he decided to continue down that path and experiment. In early 2000s, an acquaintance taught him how to mix songs, so he started spinning more and more which led him to his first serious offer to buy DJ equipment.

Since he was very young, he had to scrape all of his money and allowance together, so he could afford it, but ever since he bought it, his passion for hip-hop and R&B kept growing until music became his one and only passion. Life however wouldn’t be so interesting if it hadn’t taken him to other genres. As the music interests are always changing, in course of time and in one of Zurich’s finest clubs, he discovered that he is actually in love with techno and techno–house music, so he started making a name for himself and developing his own brand, which led him to where he is now. Via pumping house, he started going deeper into electronic music and started actually developing other music directions.

His passion for experimenting with music never left him – he went from hip–hop and R&B to techno and techno – house music. With experimenting came knowledge and a huge experience, since he was being invited to more and more gigs. Three years ago, he bought lots of new equipment and dove into the world of mixers, which he was head over heels into. Also, he unveiled the world of Synthesizer, Euro Rack Module, Drum Machines, and made a lot of his own mixer plug-ins. These were his first steps in becoming independent and more famous to broader audience. In the near future he is going to focus on publishing new songs, new music and to engage himself not only nationally, but also internationally. Times are changing and new music is being developed so for Dominic Seda.